Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting is the most natural of fillers and is usually in abundant supply. It replaces the missing fat which results in depressions. It can also be used to simulate increased cheekbone projection.


  • It’s a natural filler
  • Doesn’t elicit any foreign body or allergic reaction
  • Usually in abundant supply
  • Facial Fat Grafting can be used in large quantities


  • It involves a minor procedure
  • It results in postoperative swelling

The Procedure

Fat grafting is performed under local anesthesia where fat is removed using a small needle-like instrument called a microcannula. The fat is then processed and reinjected.

Facial Fat Grafting Postoperative Care

There is usually a fair amount of swelling which is minimized with elevation and cold compresses. You may return to work after 4-7 days.

At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we perform this procedure to help patients create a more shapely figure by enhancing the shape and size of the desired area. This procedure is very popular with our patients and other women across America. In fact, each year in the United States, over 300,000 women elect to have breast augmentation procedures.

Dr. George Lefkovits offers facial fat grafting in New York, New York, serving patients across the globe with his exceptional skill in the cosmetic field. Our plastic surgeon believes in helping our patients achieve a very natural look, giving them an enhanced bust without looking artificial. If you are interested in this procedure, we invite you to call our office at (212) 750-9494.

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