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Have you ever wondered how some people — especially celebrities — have such beautiful, glowing skin? Many of those beautiful people have discovered the joys of a chemical peel, which helps individuals clear their skin, resulting in smoother, softer skin. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we offer glycolic acid peels, which are a form of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). The chemical peel uses natural ingredients derived from sugar cane and fruit acid, meaning that the treatment is fairly gentle on the skin.

A chemical peel can slow the aging process, removing dead skin to uncover smoother, younger, glowing skin. While there are many at-home treatments available over-the-counter, the most effective peels are performed in a professional office with a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or aesthetician.

Glycolic acid peels are among the mildest peels and are often called “lunch hour peels” because they can be performed quickly and do not prohibit you from returning to work shortly after, typically less than two hours after the treatment begins.


Glycolic acid peel treatment benefits

Patients with acne, uneven skin coloring and wrinkles will see the most benefits from a glycolic acid peel, as it offers the following benefits:

  • Stimulation of the production of collagen
  • Evening of the skin tone
  • Brightening of the skin
  • Purging of the pores, leaving you with a cleaner face

Although glycolic acid peels are often paired with a cosmetic surgery, this treatment can be given individually. It is safe to use, and there is no recovery time needed. Many patients require a series of five to six peels to fully see the benefits of the treatment.

Because the treatment is mild, patients benefit from getting multiple peels in succession, typically six spaced about one to two weeks apart. To get maximum benefit from the peel, we also recommend a pretreatment of about two weeks using skin cleanser and a glycolic acid cream or lotion. This pretreatment has a double purpose of preparing the skin and letting us know if you are allergic to the fruit acids, thereby preventing any serious reactions with the more concentrated peel solution.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. George Lefkovits for a glycolic acid peel in New York, New York, you can contact our office at (212) 750-9494. We look forward to working with you!