Glycolic Acid Peels

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If you have noticed your skin is dry, cracking, or rough, glycolic acid peels may be a good solution. These natural fruit acid peels are sometimes called lunch hour peels because a man can come in for a peel and return to work in less than 2 hours. These peels improve your skin texture by removing dead skin, opening up your pores, and allowing glands to secrete the protective oils and nutrients your skin needs. They can make your skin smoother, healthier, and more lustrous.

It is often recommended that you undergo a two-week course of skin cleansing and use a recommended lotion to prepare your skin to get the maximum benefit from the procedure. To get maximum results, we recommend six treatments one to two weeks apart. The only potential risk is that a small number of people are allergic to the fruit acid. We typically discover this during pretreatment and can avoid serious reactions.