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Surgery for gynecomastiia - men's breast reduction or enlarged breasts in men is one of the most frequently sought operations by males. It is often perceived as very embarrassing and commonly forms a trio with stomach pouches and love handles. The condition usually starts in men in adolescence and stabilizes after a few years. It does not respond to diet and exercise.gynecomastia male breast reduction

The Men Breast Reduction Operation

The treatment often entails only liposuction using a very small incision underneath the breast. In some cases, excisional surgery whereby breast tissue is actually cut out may be necessary.

What Causes Gynecomastia

The truth is, there are several potential reasons for gynecomastia. The condition is fairly common among young men during puberty as their hormones change, and will often correct itself within a period of a few years. Among older men, hormonal changes can play a big part as well. Men tend to lose testosterone and gain estrogen as they approach middle age, which can increase the size of the breasts. Learn more about male breast enlargement 

Gynecomastia Post-Operative Course

Patients need to wear a binder for 1-2 weeks. Return to work may be as quick as the following day, although a few days off is more common. Massage and ultrasound treatment given post-operatively is an integral part of our program.

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