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Lip flip surgery

With today’s emphasis on more defined and prominent lips there is now an alternative to fillers. Lip Flip Botox is becoming more and popular as an agent that can lead to more pouting of the lips.

Botox In The Lip Flip Procedure

Botox is not a filler like Juvederm. It works by weakening the muscle around the mouth( orbicularis Oris) thereby relaxing it which allows for more pouting. The change is more subtle than with Juvederm, but for those who want a mild natural-looking enhancement it is a perfect alternative.

Lip Flip Botox Technique

The procedure is fairly simple. After applying a topical anesthetic, Botox is injected with a very fine needle in 5 different areas on the lips( 4 on the upper and 1 on the lower lip). It is quite painless and takes just a few moments.

Expected Results

Unlike with fillers the effect takes 2-3 days to appreciate and lasts about 2 months after which it can be repeated. In some cases patients may want to enhance the result with a filler.

Lip Flip Cost

The cost of Botox makes it especially attractive. It is much less expensive than fillers.

Side Effects

Because the dose of Botox injected is so minimal side effects are uncommon aside from possible bruising and swelling. Lip flip botox can cause very mild temporary weakness of the mouth function such as whistling and using a straw. But these, if present, disappear after a few days.

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*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.