Would you like a natural approach to anti-aging treatments? Our plastic surgeon and team offer stem cell therapy in New York, New York, at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery. By using this treatment, Dr. George Lefkovits can help you restore your skin cells in a more natural way. If you are interested in seeing how this treatment may benefit you, we invite you to set up an appointment at (212) 750-9494.

Our office offers stem cell therapy to enhance the results of your cosmetic procedures and help you achieve the look you desire. Stem cell therapy is a type of anti-aging treatment that works to not only improve your appearance but also to resolve other age-related conditions and boost your energy levels.

Stem cells rejuvenate from within, making this procedure different from most other cosmetic procedures. Studies have shown that stem cells work to repair, regrow and replace on the cellular level, making your treatment go much deeper than your skin. As stem cell therapy works to reduce the effects of aging on a cellular level, it does not require invasive treatment or lengthy recovery periods. Instead, it hastens recovery and works to improve skin quality and enhance the results of your treatment by replacing your damaged skin cells and generate collagen and elastin.

Stem cell therapy is often used in combination with other treatments, such as skin tightening, skin resurfacing and scar reduction. Some of the many great benefits include:

  • An evener skin tone
  • Reduction of age spots
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoother, firmer and tighter skin
  • Reduction of scars
  • Reduction of saggy skin
  • Rejuvenation and improvement of skin damaged by vascular lesions or other disorders

We invite you to contact our office today for more information about the benefits of stem cell therapy and to schedule your consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon.