Patients in the Tri-State Area

Buttock and Breast Augmentation (NYC), Park Plaza Plastic Surgery New York (NY)

The plastic surgery practice of Dr. George Lefkovits may be located in New York City, but it serves people from all around the Tri-State Area, including our neighbors from Connecticut and New Jersey. If you are considering plastic surgery, we invite you to schedule a consultation.

Why See Dr. Lefkovits

Dr. Lefkovits sees many patients from Connecticut, New Jersey, and Upstate. They seek him out for numerous reasons, including:

  • Quality of Care
  • Convenience
  • Privacy

World-Class Care

New York City is a very competitive market for plastic surgery, and to survive there a doctor needs education, talent, and, above all, patients who get great results. Dr. Lefkovits has been a plastic surgeon in New York since 1981 because he gives his patients results they can be proud of and want to tell their friends about. His reputation draws patients from all across the country and around the world, bringing them from Florida, Texas, California, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Dr. Lefkovits is a recognized expert in buttock augmentation. He also performs numerous male plastic surgeries. Unlike many plastic surgeons who may devote only a small amount of time to men, nearly 30% of Dr. Lefkovits' patients are men. The practice even offers special days for male plastic surgery, so men who are concerned don't have to worry about women seeing them in the waiting room.

Convenient Care

Although some patients travel halfway around the world to work with Dr. Lefkovits, our neighbors in New Jersey and Connecticut enjoy the same level of care with great convenience. You can drive into the city, have your procedure performed, and in most cases begin your recovery at home that night. It is not necessary in most cases to spend the night in the city, although we normally ask that you come with someone who can drive you home.

Our neighbors in New Jersey and Connecticut are also in a unique position to take advantage of the significant savings we offer with plastic surgery standby. Men and women with a flexible schedule who can fit their procedure in when Dr. Lefkovits has open time receive a significant discount: 10% or more off the regular fee.

Private Care

Many of the smaller communities in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Upstate that have local plastic surgery practices use those practices as grist for the rumor mill. If you are seen coming or going when considering plastic surgery, chances are someone will pass the news around. Many people enjoy speculating about what you had done, and why, and if their gossip makes you uncomfortable, that can be so much the better.

A short trip into New York City can give you privacy for your plastic surgery. The surgery is performed discreetly at our private surgical center, and you don't have to show yourself in your home town until you're ready. And many procedures give results so natural that few if any will suspect your secret.

If you live in Connecticut, New Jersey, or Upstate New York, we invite you to consider plastic surgery with Dr. Lefkovits. Please contact us today to learn more details.