I decided to have a sculpsure treatment done, I’ve done my research on it and heard pretty good reviews on it plus I needed something that would allow me to go right back to work. So after my research, I found that dr Lefkovits was one of the few in the city to offer SculpSure. When I got to the office btw it was gorgeous very cozy, I was a little nervous but everybody was soo super friendly the esthetician was so sweet and thorough with explaining the procedure clearly to me. During my treatment Dr. Lefkovits came by to take a look, he was extremely friendly and professional and explained to me in further detail exactly how sculpsure works. This procedure was 100% painless and relaxing. I can’t believe that it’s been less than 6 weeks and I am already seeing results! I would absolutely recommend going to Dr. Lefkovits office to have this procedure done, he and his staff is amazing and I can’t wait for my next session!