For years I have been very insecure about my nose. I had a large bump and was never satisfied with the way I looked, no matter what dress I wore or how much makeup I put on. For as long as I can remember, my nose was the root of my insecurities. At first, what was holding me back from getting a nose job was that all my friends’ noses, who have gotten a nose job, look fake. But, after reading many reviews on Dr. Lefkovits’ work and seeing many before-and-after photos, I decided to schedule a consultation with him.

From the very beginning, Dr. Lefkovits made me feel comfortable and guided me and reassured me throughout the process. His secretaries were welcoming, the nurses were caring, and not for a second did I feel hesitant to go through the process. Not to mention his office is very clean and beautifully decorated, which I believe is an important factor. My experience was extremely pleasant; I was never in pain and there was hardly any swelling. I was followed up with phone calls and was asked how I was doing. My nose is essentially healed now and I have never been happier in my entire life. It is very natural looking and is exactly what I wanted. I get compliments on my nose left and right; people are constantly telling me how perfect my nose is. Little do they know that Dr. Lefkovits’ fixed it!
I would definitely recommend going to Dr. Lefkovits for any procedure because unlike many plastic surgeons, he is honest and you develop trust in him. If, in the future, I decide to undergo another procedure, without a doubt will I go to Dr. Lefkovits.