I recently had my rhinoplasty along with liposuction of my neck done by Dr. Lefkovits. I am completely thrilled with my results. It is exactly what I wanted. It is natural and no one can tell that I had surgery. There is nothing which appears fake. I have seen so my of my friends with fake results which are very unattractive. Not only do I have a great result but I also had a very little swelling and black and blue. Dr. Lefkovits is a total professional; he is compassionate, personable and attentive to my needs. I have seen other works by Dr. Lefkovits and they all look great and natural. He has a beautiful office with a great staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Lefkovits for any cosmetic surgery. – Bpaige21

I was recommended by my friend to go to Dr. Lefkovits and I’m so happy I decided to do the butt augmentation. I had it because I had a flat butt and was not comfortable with the look. After seeing my friend that made me decide.
After the surgery, I was a little uncomfortable but the pain was tolerable I was really worth it.