I just had a BBL with Dr Lefkovits its been about 2 weeks now and i know is still have to wait cause I’m swollen but i super happy right now my curves are great I wasn’t a big girl to begin with I’m about 5’5 and 155 but i cant wait for the finally results. I read some of these review but they can’t be talking about the same doctor because he did a great job i think I’m going to have my breast done next. you just have to have patience and give your body time to heal. and if you do need to go back for another one this cause the fat didn’t take.. I did my research so i knew the odds. this dr takes patient safety to the max and that what i love if i need to go back (which i don’t think I’m going to have to) but if i do i rather that then him doing something that can hurt me. I think him and his staff are great people.