I am 47 years old, single mother with three children. I am one week post op with 310 cc (both breasts) saline implants . Prior to this I was barely a 34 B cup . After a surgery to remove a benign cyst left one breast smaller and a little bit more concave than the other, as well as a weight loss of 90 lbs, which made my breasts look like they were dehydrated ; I decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. My self esteem was on a low, I did not want to undress in front of myself, let alone anyone else. Although I am still in the very early stages of recovery, I know this is the best decision I have ever made.

I want the best outcome possible, so I am following my post op instructions as closely as I can. That being said, it has been difficult not being able to function around the house to perform certain tasks like cleaning & laundry. Never thought I would say I missed all that, but I do. As I stated before I know this is the right decision and that the end result will be a real confidence booster for me.