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Thigh lift Surgery

Thigh Lift and Thigh Reduction Surgery

Have you recently lost a large amount of weight? If so, and if you are experiencing an excess of skin in the thigh region, our plastic surgeon may suggest that you consider a thigh lift. This treatment targets the skin on the thigh and raises it to reduce excess skin and create a shapelier look.

Because this treatment can leave you with large scars, Dr. Lefkovits wants you to be aware that this isn’t a treatment to take lightly. When you come to Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we will assess your thighs’ current state before making a decision and following through with a thigh lift.

Patients who may be good candidates include:

  • Patients with stable weight
  • Patients with an excess of soft tissue in the thigh
  • Patients who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle

The inner thigh requires an incision from the groin to the back of the leg. The outer thigh extends high so it can be hidden in a bathing suit. In a thigh lift, Dr. Lefkovits will remove excess fat and reshape and tighten the remaining skin.

If you are interested in getting a thigh lift in New York, New York, schedule your appointment at (212) 750-9494. Our team looks forward to helping you feel more secure in your appearance.