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What Size Breast Implant Should I Get?

A very important decision in breast augmentation is determining the size of your implant. Patients often have a pre-conceived size in their mind that may or may not be appropriate for the patient. Size of the implant is determined by a number of factors.

First, and independent of the patient, is the breast culture trend existing at the time. For example, back in the ‘60’s The “Twiggy” look was in which was characterized by small breasts. At that time a medium B cup size was the norm. Today full breasts are the trend and most patients desire a “C” cup.

Second, the patient’s body framework has to be considered. Smaller framed women should go for a smaller size than larger framed women. That can translate into a small “C” instead of a full “C” or possibly a “D” cup.

Chest measurements are equally important.  The skin envelope also needs to be considered. If the skin is tight it may not allow for a large implant, and trying to insert a large implant could lead to complications such as wound opening and infection. The patient’s vocation is also important. A woman whose breasts are being photographed or who is an exotic dancer will most likely want and need larger implants than one who is in the corporate world.

The patient’s desire must always be considered. While the surgeon should be attentive, ultimately it’s the surgeon’s responsibility to guide the patient. New York breast surgeon Dr. Lefkovits can help you to choose a size that is most proportionate with your body and will and result in a natural look.  The motto should not be “one size fits all” but a “size that best fits the patient.”

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