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Is it time for a Facelift?

The aging process is a continuum and affects individuals differently. Some look real well even in the 50’s while others have progressive signs beginning in the 40’s. While there are non-invasive treatments including injectables and laser, when jowling and/or neck bands become really noticeable the best treatment is a face/neck lift. And you don’t have to worry about looking artificial.

Controversy Surrounding the "Beauty Premium"

In mid-July Newsweek columnist Jessica Bennett re-ignited a long-simmering controversy about the impact of appearance on jobs, careers, and income. In combination with the column, the magazine published the results of its own survey of corporate hiring managers and members of the general public about the issue. The survey showed that fifty-seven percent of hiring managers believed qualified but unattractive candidates were likely to have a harder time getting a job.

Body Image Problems and Men: Objectification of a Different Color

Much of the discussion about body image problems has been associated with women. Women, we are told, see images of models and actresses on billboards, magazines, and television, and often feel self-conscious by comparison. Women internalize media ideals of beauty, which leads to self-objectification (imagining themselves as a collection of body parts that are sexual objects, rather than as a human being), then to body surveillance (closer attention to their appearance) and body shame, which then drives them to seek to pursue the media-imposed ideal.

Study Explores Why Women Get More Wrinkles

There are many reasons why about 90% of plastic surgery patients are women. Women are under more pressure to look younger and more beautiful for the majority of their lives. Age is not considered attractive in a woman the way it might be in a man. But women's faces also tend to wrinkle more around the mouth than men's, and Dutch researchers believe they have discovered why.

Study Shows that Mothers and Daughters Age the Same Way

In research presented at last month's American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) convention, doctors used computer scanning and 3-D modeling to compare the faces of mothers and daughters that were beginning to experience facial aging around the eyes. The results showed convincingly that patterns of facial aging were similar between mothers and daughters. The use of the computer software allowed an objective comparison between the two groups, instead of the subjective comparisons that had been used in other studies.