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Since 1981, Dr. George Lefkovits has been working with patients across the globe, helping individuals like you feel more confident and attractive. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we make it a priority to help patients enhance their beauty in a natural-looking way.

Many of our patients have been so pleased with the work from our plastic surgeon that they continue returning to our office to seek additional procedures.

See real examples here of how our plastic surgeon in New York, New York, has been able to help patients create the look they want. Dr. George Lefkovits offers a variety of services at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery that yields high-quality, natural-looking results.

Here, you can see real videos of our patients and can learn more about the procedures we performed to help them get an amazing outcome.

Patient Testimonials

I am 47 years old, single mother with three children. I am one week post op with 310 cc (both breasts) saline implants . Prior to this I was barely a 34 B cup . After a surgery to remove a benign cyst left one breast smaller and a little bit more concave than the other, as well as a... read more

Tlamorte Avatar

I've been with Dr. Lefkovits for over a year now and I've had nothing but a good experience. His calm demeanor and easy bedside manner put me at ease.
The procedure went smoothly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Dr. L.

Fred D. Avatar
Fred D.

Great staff!

Marlene Avatar

Dr. Lefkovitz and his team are the best. In love with my new body. Tummy tuck success thanks, Dr. Lefkovitz.

Marilyn A. Avatar
Marilyn A.

Perfect job Dr. Lefkovits did on me amazing amazing! I was a 34a and now I am a C cup. So natural looking and the scars completely invisible! He lifted my asymmetrical looking boobs and gave me a 360cc and I Healed so fast was back to work on Monday got the procedure on Thursday the week before. This surgery... read more

Ladylove03 Avatar

I would like to start off by saying that I am happy I found Dr. Lefkovits. Being in the military serving three tours in Iraq and getting injured I was no longer able to workout as I wanted to. I'm limited to working out and lifting so I wanted to get my stomach a little more defined and also... read more

kcire g. Avatar
kcire g.

Dr. Lefkovitz and his team are the best. In love with my new body. Tummy tuck successthanks, Dr. Lefkovitz.

Marilyn A. Avatar
Marilyn A.

5 star ratingBEST experience of my life! DR.George Lefkovits is Best doctor I could have found! He helped every step of the way! He was so professional, welcoming and I felt more than comfortable in his office! His staff Pearl, Yesenia, Carolina, and John was so accommodating and all my questions got answered immediatley! I had a great referral and I am... read more

Johanna A. Avatar
Johanna A.

Dr. Lefkovitz is by far one of the best plastic surgeons I have ever met. He is very catering to your ever need and is not afraid to tell you no.

I went to see him down at his office back in 2013 for a tummy tuck and liposuction and let me tell you guys I'm in Love with...
read more

Venessa M. Avatar
Venessa M.