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Cada persona es diferente, y usted merece que se le trate como la persona única que es. Durante su consulta, el cirujano plastico, Dr. George Lefkovits le hablará acerca de sus metas y ayudará a que usted encuentre el mejor procedimiento para lograrlas.

His combined skillset helps him provide our patients with natural-looking results that help achieve their desired look. Although Dr. Lefkovits’ office is in New York City, he works with patients across the globe, helping individuals feel more confident and attractive with their bodies.

As a natural part of the aging process, it has become common for women to seek body contouring procedures like aumento de senos y Brazilian butt lift complemented by a tummy tuck y liposucción to complete a mommy makeover and bring back the youthful figure.

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As a recognized leader in both men’s and women’s cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lefkovits has had the opportunity to travel across the globe to give lectures. He has even been invited to the United Arab Emirates as a guest plastic surgeon. He has also been published in a variety of peer-reviewed plastic surgery literature, including the Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lefkovits has also spent his time passing down his knowledge by educating students as assistant professor of plastic surgery at New York Medical College. Currently, he is part of Lennox Hill Hospital’s plastic surgery teaching program, and at Downstate Medical College, he is a guiding plastic surgeon counselor.


Dr. Lefkovits can enhance your beauty, giving you a seamless, natural-looking result.
Here, you can see real examples of some of our patients’ transformations.


At our practice, we offer a complimentary consultation to help us better serve you. During this visit, we like to take the time to understand you and to learn more about your needs, desires and expectations with our services. You are not just another patient to us – you are a unique individual.

We also understand that it is very important for you to feel comfortable with our plastic surgeon. Due to the myths and rumors about plastic surgery, it can be intimidating, and so we work to ensure that you feel happy and comfortable when you come into our office.


Dr. Lefkovits has often been featured in magazines and newspapers and has appeared on radio and television. Here are some examples…