To Maintain Attractive Breasts, Pay Attention to Your Décolletage

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With age, there are many things that can happen to breasts. With the constant pull of gravity, breasts can begin to sag, prompting many women to seek breast lifts. Following pregnancy or weight loss, breasts can lose volume in addition to sagging, so breast augmentation is a popular part of many Mommy Makeovers. However, another symptom of aging breasts that is less commonly appreciated is the effects of sun and age on a woman's décolletage, the area exposed when you wear low-necked clothing, essentially the tops of the breasts and the area between them or cleavage.

As a woman ages, her décolletage can show signs of age. As the skin of the décolletage changes, it can begin to look dull and acquire sun and age spots. It can also begin to wrinkle and gain a crepey appearance. This can lead to an aged appearance of your breasts, even if they have good shape and size. There are many things you can do to slow the appearance of wrinkles and maintain an attractive décolletage.

First, limit sun exposure. The sun damages all skin and can lead to premature bathing. Just as you do with your face, make sure you wear sunscreen and keep your décolletage shaded as much as possible.

Second, don't forget the lotion. The symptoms of aging are partly the result of a lack of nutrition and moisture that lotion can partly supply. Whenever you apply lotion to your hands and face, don't forget your breasts.

Finally, look into a cleavage-smoothing sleeping bra. These bras are designed to be worn during sleep to smooth the skin between your breasts. They are especially recommended if you sleep on your side or if you normally wear bras that push your breasts up and together and can contribute to the formation of creases.

And if your décolletage is showing signs of age, New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits can help with skin treatments that reduce wrinkles and the appearance of age or sun spots. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are both recommended to help keep your décolletage looking young.

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