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Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure often used to enhance women’s breast appearance.

Breasts can frequently sag as a result of aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss which leads to the appearance of excess skin. Frequently, your breast shape and the size of your breasts may also decrease, leaving you with breasts you might want to alter. You can regain your breasts’ natural shape and placement on your chest by having a breast lift procedure or breast lift with augmentation where plastic surgeons use breast implants to increase the breast size and volume too.

At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery Center, we have performed many breast lift surgeries and therefore have seen firsthand how transformative this procedure can be for our patients. In this article, our goal is to inform you about the benefits, procedure, and how it can help you and explain to you the consultation process.

Breast Lift Surgery Benefits

A breast lift, or breast mastopexy, may be right for you if you suffer from sagging or asymmetrical breasts. Breasts sag due to several factors, such as – after significant weight gain or weight loss, breastfeeding, pregnancy, or as a natural aging process.

Breast lift surgery can:

  • Improve breast contour and shape;

  • Increase breast firmness and lift;

  • Reduce sagging and drooping;

  • Give you a smaller areola size;

  • Improve the symmetry of your breasts;

  • Boost your confidence;

Breast lift surgery focuses on lifting and firming the breast tissue in order to improve its shape and contour, in contrast to breast augmentation, which uses implants or fat to enlarge the breasts.

To achieve greater breast volume and fullness, patients sometimes decide to have breast lift surgery in addition to breast implants. Your surgeon could suggest a breast augmentation or reduction in addition to a breast lift if you have significantly small or large breasts.

Prepare Yourself For Breast Lift

Make sure you have all of your questions answered

Talk to your doctor about any questions you have, even if you think it is something you should have already know. If you have any concerns about the procedure, ask them now so that you can get your questions answered before surgery.

Get your body ready for the process

Make sure that you are well-hydrated before your procedure. Drinking plenty of water will help with healing and reduce swelling after the procedure.

Take care of yourself emotionally and mentally

It is not an easy decision to make, especially for women who may feel anxious about how their bodies will look after having their breasts lifted. Make sure to talk with friends and family members who can provide support throughout this time.

How Does Breast Lift Surgery Work?

These are the steps during your breast lift surgery:

  1. The type of anesthesia usually used is general anesthesia, meaning that you will be asleep during the procedure

  2. Depending on the size and health of your breasts, it typically takes two to three hours to complete the surgery

  3. Breast tissue is lifted and repositioned

  4. Excessive breast skin is removed

  5. The nipples are moved upward and placed in their optimal position

  6. As a final result, your breasts are reshaped, giving them their best appearance and proportion to the rest of your body

During a breast lift, our plastic surgeon Dr. Lefkovits may determine that only one incision is needed around the area. In other situations, he may also utilize three incisions to accurately perform your breast procedure.

It is crucial to realize that a breast lift does not make your breasts smaller in size. However, because firmer tissue will support your breasts, you will feel more at ease wearing bras and other clothing afterward.

A breast lift can be done alone or combined with other procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

During the breast lift procedure, your breasts would not be enlarged. For larger breasts, you may want to consider breast implants to go along with your breast lift.

Recovery From Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift recovery

Patients must wear a compression garment after a breast lift to reduce swelling and support the breasts through the process of healing.

While recovery times from breast surgery can vary, most patients with breast lifts are able to go back to work and engage in light activity within a week and can resume more demanding exercise after 4-6 weeks.

You may feel soreness or tightness in the chest area, as well as some bruising and swelling.

It is also important to avoid bathing for about one week.

In addition, you should avoid wearing underwire bras for six weeks following your procedure because they can irritate the healing breast tissue around the surgical site.

Risks Following Breast Lift Procedure

The risks of a breast lift are minimal, and the majority of side effects are temporary. Bleeding, infection, scarring, or blood clots are some possible risks. Breast sensation or nipple changes are possible as well.

Infection is the most frequent risk. This can happen at any point while you’re recovering and may require additional care.

Other significant risks (which can happen rarely) include:

  • Necrosis (death of tissue);

  • Keloid or scar formation (scarring on top of your breast skin);

  • An injury to the blood vessels or nerves in the armpit or chest wall.

Breast Lift Results – Before and After Photos

Breast lift with implants – before and after:

Schedule Your Breast Lift Surgery In NYC With Dr. Lefkovits

Dr. George Lefkovits has more than three decades of experience with various procedures related to breasts and is a double board-certified plastic surgeon. He delivers lasting results that will leave you pleased with your breasts and feeling a boost of self-esteem.

You feeling fully comfortable and confident in your decision is what we are committed to. Therefore, we will walk you through everything step by step – discuss your medical history, goals, and expectations for the procedure.

First off, we will start by asking you some questions about your health history, including any history of diseases that could impact the procedure. Then we will talk about your goals for this surgery. Are you looking to increase volume or firmness? Do you have any particular changes in mind when it comes to your breasts?

We will then go over the various surgical options that are available and what each option involves. For instance, if less scarring and a more natural-looking result are what you would prefer, an areola-centered incision is probably the best option.

Afterward, we can take photos of your current breast profile so that we can compare them before and after.

After the consultation, we will give you a personalized treatment plan which outlines the surgical procedure, the probable results, and the time required for recovery.


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Women looking to improve their sagging breasts, breast asymmetry, or breast shape, form and contour may find a breast lift procedure to be the best option for them. We also offer combining a breast lift with other procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

We encourage you to schedule a completely free initial consultation if you are considering having breast lift surgery or have concerns. We can provide answers to all your questions to reach your goals.

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