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Breast augmentation surgery in nyc

Breast Augmentation Surgery Overview

If you don’t feel completely confident in the appearance of your breasts, it is time to make a change. Make an investment into your appearance, giving you a figure you feel confident and beautiful in. Dr. George Lefkovits has over 30 years of experience helping women enhance and reshape their breasts into a look that suits their needs.

When you come to Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon will talk to you about what you consider to be a beautiful figure. We will then talk about your expectations and how we can best give you a realistic, natural-looking figure.

If you are ready to take the first step toward a look you feel great in, schedule your breast surgery consultation in New York, New York, at (212) 750-9494.

Types of Breast Augmentation Offered

Breast surgery continues to be one of the most common procedures performed on women across the country, and in our office, it is second in frequency only to liposuction. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of breast augmentations rose a staggering 25% between 1997 and 1998. A large 10-year follow-up series of women who have undergone the procedure showed that 96% were very satisfied with their results.

New York, New York, breast surgeon Dr. Lefkovits offers the following types of breast surgery:

Breast surgery Before and After

So, if you are fed up with having small breasts and fantasizing about how you might look with a fuller bust, now may be the best time to come in for a consultation and see if you could benefit from breast surgery. You would have plenty of time to recuperate for the summer and really need only a few days or a weekend off from work. Don’t let another summer go by feeling uncomfortable with the way you look in a bathing suit.

Quality Breast Implants Available

We use NAMED implants and usually use them in a textured form. At the time of consultation, a video will be shown that helps clarify the procedure. At the examination, you will be informed as to what incision may be best for you. Also the location of the implant, whether above or below the muscle, will be reviewed. This seems to confuse patients, and it really is quite simple to explain. At our center, we don’t have tunnel vision and do not dictate only one approach. We believe that the approach varies with each patient so that the result will be as natural as possible. And naturalness is the ultimate goal. The purpose of breast implants is not to show giant spheres but to reveal breasts that are full and seem real. We want you to take the credit!

To schedule a breast surgery consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits, please contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery today! We proudly serve clients in Manhattan, New York City and throughout New York.