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How to pay for plastic surgery: NYC plastic surgery financing options

Many people today opt for plastic surgery, as a way to get the desired look, solve some medical problems, and boost confidence and self-esteem.

Once you decide to have plastic surgery, many questions and dilemmas arise. Some are about finding a qualified plastic surgeon, while others are about procedure, safety, and recovery period.

One of the common questions regarding plastic surgery is about how to pay for plastic surgery. Usually, health insurance covers reconstructive plastic surgery that corrects body changes caused by diseases or injuries.

For many cosmetic procedures, you’ll need to discover ways to cover the expenses through financing.

At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we help patients finance their procedures by offering different payment methods and cooperating with those who offer personal loans for plastic surgery.

Costs of Plastic Surgery in NYC

Understanding the costs of desired cosmetic surgery is the first step in considering how to finance plastic surgery. Knowing the main components of plastic surgery costs in NYC will empower you to make informed decisions.

The total costs of plastic surgery depend on:

Procedure Type and Complexity

Different procedures vary in costs and there may be a significant cost difference. Complex cosmetic surgery such as body countering, facelifts, or mommy makeovers may cost more than others. Maybe you are considering getting cosmetic surgery that targets more than one issue such as breast augmentation with a lift, or a daddy makeover, and this type of surgery has a higher price.

Anesthesia Fees

Anesthesia is a central part of any plastic surgery, and the anesthesia type you choose may cause a difference in the total cost of the procedure.

Facility Fees

The use of medical facilities, equipment, and staff during the surgery contributes to the overall cost. And if you stay more than a day in medical facilities, that also causes additional payment.

Surgeon’s Experience and Reputation

Some famous surgeons with widely recognized reputations may charge higher fees than others. Expertise and experience certainly contribute to the value, but you can always choose an experienced plastic surgeon with an acceptable price.

 Dr. George Lefkovits is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology and has over 30 years of experience.

The cost of cosmetic surgery is important but you should prioritize the reputation and expertise of the surgeon and the safety of the facility, something that we offer at Park Plaza.

Implants and medical supplies

Cosmetic surgery that includes certain medical supplies such as implants has a higher price.

Preoperative Cost and Post-Operative Care

Before cosmetic surgery, you may have some costs for laboratory tests or other medical examinations that are necessary. Also, some surgeons require consultation fees for initial appointments before surgery.

Post-operative and recovery periods include follow-up appointments and necessary medications, which are factors in total costs.

It’s crucial to be conscious of all potential costs and avoid hidden expenses before considering financial options for desired cosmetic surgery.

Options How To Pay For Plastic Surgery

There are many options to finance plastic surgery, and some of them are:

Personal Savings

Your savings are assumably the best option for financing plastic surgery because you avoid all the additional costs of getting a loan and do not put you in debt. It is a reasonable option to cover even a part of the expenses because you need a lower loan.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are also an option for plastic surgery financing if you have a sufficient credit limit. However, high-interest rates and the impact on future credits may be reasons to assume other solutions.

Medical Credit Card

Medical credit cards, specially designed for medical expenses, are a better option than credit cards. Medical credit cards often offer promotional periods with no interest if paid within a specific timeframe.

Personal Loan

If you have a support system in your family or friends you can borrow money from them for cosmetic surgery. A personal loan is a way to avoid additional costs that most loans bring. For example, you won’t pay interest charges or affect your future personal loans.

Healthcare Loans

Most patients choose to apply for healthcare loans from banks or other financial institutions. They offer medical-specific loans with competitive interest rates for cosmetic procedures.

Healthcare loans come with fixed repayment terms, usually ranging from a few months to several years. Once approved, you’ll be required to make monthly payments to repay the personal loan.

To help patients finance their procedures, Park Plaza Surgery Center works with ALPHAEON Credit, United Medical Credit, and CareCredit. You can find the terms and conditions for their loan through the links above.

Plastic surgery financing options

Personal loans for cosmetic surgery financing

Besides the numerous familiar options for plastic surgery loans, you can use a home equity loan, or a loan based on your retirement account. Numerous companies specializing in medical financing may help you, and be an option for you.

It’s essential to thoroughly research and compare these options based on your financial situation, creditworthiness, and comfort level with taking on debt. You can always consult a financial advisor or healthcare financing specialist to find the best solution based on your financial situation.

How to Secure Plastic Surgery Financing

If you want to be sure to get the necessary plastic surgery loan you need to follow a few strategic steps that include:

  • Research Different Financing Options such as personal loans, medical credit cards, in-house financing plans, and third-party financing companies. Compare interest rates, repayment terms, and eligibility requirements for each option.
  • Check your financial and credit health

This is the main precondition for banks and lenders to approve your loan. They use your credit history and credit report to determine your eligibility and interest rates.

  • Obtain different offers

Not just from the bank, credit card providers, and landers, but also from cosmetic surgery clinics to find the most favorable terms for you.

NYC plastic surgery financing options

  • Prepare Necessary Documentation 

Gathering all necessary paperwork can speed up the application process and make it easy. Be aware that financial institutions may require different documents.

  • Apply and Review Offers

Once you find the best options, apply for them and review detailing every offer. Pay attention to interest rates, repayment schedules, and any associated fees. Calculate the total cost of the financing, including interest payments.

  • Choose the Best Option and Complete the Application Process

Choose the financing option that aligns with your budget and long-term goals.

Stay informed about your financial obligation and payment period to keep your future financial plans safe and secure. Also, you need to know all about your fixed monthly payments and how that can affect your financial situation.

Understanding the steps to get plastic surgery financing helps you prepare for what matters most: having the procedure you want.

Why choose Park Plaza and make financing plastic surgery easy?


dr. George Lefkovits - plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NYC

At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery Center, we want our patients to get the services they desire without hesitation and worry about financing cosmetic surgery.

For this reason, we create different payment plans and we work with credit providers.

Our plastic surgeons and team also accept cash, checks, and credit.

If you have any questions about financing your plastic surgery procedure with Dr. George Lefkovits, we recommend calling our office at (212) 750-9494.

One of our team members can discuss costs and financing to help you get the treatments you want.

We can work with you to create a low-cost financing plan that fits within your budget.