Clinic Accused of Selling Imitation BOTOX® Cosmetic

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Several employees of a small chain of plastic surgery clinics in North Carolina were arrested and charged with altering drug labels and dispensing a drug imitation after they allegedly administered a neurotoxin to patients that had not been approved for use in humans. According to the charges, the practice began in 2004, when the company knowingly purchased a botulinum toxin formulation that had not been approved for cosmetic use. Initially, the patients were informed that they were receiving a different drug, signed consent forms, and were charged a discounted price. Later patients were told they were receiving genuine BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and were charged a higher price.

This is not an isolated incident.  The suppliers of the imitation BOTOX® Cosmetic were convicted of fraud and conspiracy in 2008, and since then a number of clinics have been implicated in the sale of botulinum toxin not approved for human use.

The urge to sell imitation products is a common temptation for discount providers.  Med-spas, clinics, and plastic surgery practices whose goal is to provide the cheapest product are naturally going to look for ways to reduce their own costs, and whether they offer you a discount price or not, cutting costs often means introducing an unknown risk.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits is dedicated to the highest quality care for his patients, and would never jeopardize this standard of care by using imitation treatments. He urges patients considering discount practices to remember that a risk to life and body may not be worth the savings.

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