Fake BOTOX® Cosmetic Scandal Hits New York

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A week after we wrote about a North Carolina chain of plastic surgery practices that were brought up on charges of selling fake BOTOX® Cosmetic to patients, doctors at an Albany, New York practice admitted to giving patients botulinum toxin A that was not approved for cosmetic use and telling them it was BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Although doctors technically have the discretion to use drugs even if they are not FDA-approved for a specific usage, telling patients that they were getting BOTOX® Cosmetic and then giving them a different drug is a federal offense.  Five doctors at the Albany, New York Plastic Surgery Group, LLP, pleaded guilty in federal court on August 11.  They each face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

This serves as another reminder to view discount cosmetic practices with skepticism.  When a doctor offers treatments at the lowest price possible, they are often looking for ways to reduce their own costs.  The BOTOX® Cosmetic scandal allowed the exposure of the unscrupulous conduct of over 200 doctors nationwide because it had a traceable supply chain, but there are many less visible way that some doctors can cut costs.

If you are considering any cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical procedure, cost should not be an issue.  You should consider doctors on the basis of skill, knowledge, experience, and results.  Only work with a doctor you feel you can trust.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits promises that he will use his skill, knowledge, and experience to give you the best possible results.  He promises that he will not cut corners or offer shortcuts.  And, above all, he promises his practice is conducted with the highest ethical standards.

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