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Breast Implant Sizes – How To Choose The Best Option?

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A crucial decision when considering breast augmentation is determining the size of your implant. Choosing the best one can be difficult, especially with so many options available, and trends changing at the speed of light.

In this article, we will go over some key points to think about when deciding on the best breast implant size for your body type and explore the various factors that influence breast implant size choice.

What Influences The Choice of Breast Implant Sizes?

The process of selecting the ideal implant size for breast augmentation surgery can be challenging. Patients often have a preconceived size in their minds that may or may not be appropriate for them. To choose the correct implant size, patients should carefully evaluate the various factors that affect this choice and consult with their plastic surgeon frequently.

Bear in mind that breast augmentation is a highly individualized procedure, so what is effective for one patient might not be suitable for another. Patients can achieve stunning, natural-looking results that boost their confidence and self-esteem by carefully taking into account their anatomy, body type, personal preferences, and surgeon recommendations.

Overall speaking, breast implant size is determined by a number of factors, and deeper into the text we are going to explain each of them.

Anatomy of the natural breasts

When thinking about the ideal breast implants for the patient, a plastic surgeon should consider:

  • the patient’s pre-existing breast tissue
  • skin elasticity,
  • the shape of the chest wall,
  • and other anatomical characteristics.

Chest measurements are equally important.

The skin envelope also needs to be considered. If the skin is tight it may not allow for a large implant, and trying to insert a large implant could lead to complications such as wound opening and infection.

For natural-looking breasts, women with very little natural breast tissue might need smaller breast implants, whereas those with more breast tissue might be able to select larger implants.

Body frame and type

A patient’s body type is another important consideration in breast implant size selection. The size and shape of a woman’s breast structure will influence the overall look of her breast augmentation as well.

Women who are petite or have skinny bodies may choose smaller implants to preserve proportionality. That can translate into a small “C” cup size instead of a full “C” or possibly a “D” cup size.

On the other hand, women with a larger frame or wider chest may be able to choose larger breast implants without looking disproportionate.

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Current breast implant trends

Trends change over time, sometimes rapidly. For example, back in the ‘60’s The “Twiggy” look was in, which was characterized by small breasts. At that time a medium B cup size was the norm.

Nowadays, full breasts are the trend, and most of our female patients opt for a “C” cup. The focus today is on natural looking implants and safety. In higher demand are smaller, more natural-looking breast implants, rather than larger, more obvious ones.

Personal preferences

The patient’s desire must always be considered. Some women may prefer a subtle increase in breast size, while others may want a more dramatic enhancement.

While the surgeon should be attentive, ultimately it’s the surgeon’s responsibility to guide the patient. A plastic surgeon should work closely with the patient to understand their goals and desires for breast augmentation.

The motto should not be “one size fits all” but a “size that best fits the patient.” We want to avoid improperly fitted breast implants, possible back and shoulder pain, and dissatisfaction that comes afterward.

Different Breast Implants Sizes

As you have probably already heard, there are numerous sizes and shapes of breast implants. This might make choosing candidates even harder.

Cubic centimeters (cc), which represent the volume of the implant, are frequently used to express breast implant sizes.

200 to 800cc is the most typical size range for breast implants (although larger and smaller breast implant sizes are also available). The most popular sizes fall between 300 and 500 ccs.

It’s important to keep in mind that depending on their body type and breast tissue, different people may perceive the same size implant differently.

How To Choose Breast Implant Size At Park Plaza

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An essential step in the breast augmentation procedure is the breast implant sizing procedure. The sizing procedure at our Plastic Surgery Center includes several steps to help determine the best breast implant size.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lefkovits is the first step toward your ideal breast implants. The surgeon will assess the patient’s anatomy, get to know their goals, and go over the different implant options that are available during this consultation.

The surgeon estimates the patient’s chest in many ways, including breast base diameter, nipple-to-fold distance, and breast width.

These measurements help in choosing the right breast implant size that will proportionally fit the patient’s body.

Breast augmentation size chart

Plastic surgeons use a breast augmentation size chart as a tool to assist patients in choosing the right size for their breast implants. Different breast implant size options, expressed in cubic centimeters (cc), are frequently included on this chart, along with a corresponding cup size that patients can use as a guide.

It is crucial to remember that cup size is a relative measurement that can change depending on the bra maker and the patient’s unique anatomy.

Sizing system

After we take the required measurements, the surgeon may use a sizing system.

This is a collection of different implant sizes and shapes that the patient can try on with a special bra after the measurements have been taken. The patient can observe how various implant sizes affect their body’s appearance and sensation and therefore decide better.

Review before and after photos

This is a great way to see the actual results of different implant size augmentations.

3D imaging

On some occasions, we might use 3D imaging technology. This can be a useful tool for choosing the best size and implant shape, to help the patient picture what their breast augmentation surgery might look like in the future.

Final decision

The patient and doctor will make a final decision on the implant size that is the perfect fit for the patient’s body and objectives after carefully weighing all the relevant factors.

In Conclusion


Last but not least, since this is such a unique decision, it calls for investigation, discussion with a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a thorough understanding of what the procedure can and cannot accomplish.

Always take your time to comprehend the entire process. By doing this, you are able to make decisions that will get you the desired breast augmentation results.

If you have any questions about breast implant surgery, get in touch with us or give our office a call at (212) 750-9494 to arrange an appointment with Dr. George Lefkovits, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Manhattan, New York.