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Breast Reduction Procedure in NYC | Dr. Lefkovits

Breast Reduction is one of the most popular and gratifying procedures in Aesthetic
Surgery. That is because, unlike other procedures, Breast Reduction leads to both
aesthetic and functional improvement. Many patients report back pain, neck pain
and shoulder pain as well as having rashes underneath the breast fold. Patients
have a great sense of relief from the heavyweight of the enlarged breasts, are able
to exercise much more easily, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. And a great
big bonus is that, in many cases, medical insurance covers part or all of the

So for all those women who are suffering from symptomatic enlarged breasts,
Breast Reduction may be the answer and the cure. We at Park Plaza Plastic
Surgery are there to help you. You can request a complimentary virtual or in-office
consultation by calling 212 750-9494.