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Since 1981, Dr. George Lefkovits has been working with patients across the globe, helping individuals like you feel more confident and attractive. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we make it a priority to help patients enhance their beauty in a natural-looking way.

Many of our patients have been so pleased with the work from our plastic surgeon that they continue returning to our office to seek additional procedures.

See real examples here of how our plastic surgeon in New York, New York, has been able to help patients create the look they want. Dr. George Lefkovits offers a variety of services at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery that yields high-quality, natural-looking results.

Here, you can see real videos of our patients and can learn more about the procedures we performed to help them get an amazing outcome.

Patient Testimonials

I recently had a breast augmentation procedure done, it has always been something I wanted. I am a mother of 3, and like you, women know our body can go through many changes and I just felt it was time to take that next step. I have gone to several consultations throughout the years and never was I so sure... read more

Cynthia F. Avatar
Cynthia F.

5 star ratingThe best ever!!!!!  He is the best doctor in New York City!!!   Not only is he friendly, but he makes you feel comfortable...  I love my procedure!    Thank you GEORGE

Ro A. Avatar
Ro A.

Dr. Lefkovitz and his team are the best. In love with my new body. Tummy tuck success thanks, Dr. Lefkovitz.

Marilyn A. Avatar
Marilyn A.

First implants in June 2000..PIPS saline under the muscle. After 3 pregnancies and much breastfeeding .... 2004 replacement... PIPS saline 470cc under the muscle. These implants were so natural looking and feeling. Never had any problems ... Decided to explant instead of an exchange. My surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits, Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, did an excellent job implanting and explanting.... read more

msmeli5 Avatar

I was recommended to Dr. Lefkovits by both of my sister-in-law's which they both got breast implants by him several years ago, which they still look fabulous after having two kids each. I recently did breast implants as well, I couldn't ask for a better surgeon then Dr. Lefkovits may God bless his beautiful hands for giving me amazing breast... read more

Diazyamile Avatar

Dr. Lefkovits and his staff are amazing. I consulted other doctors before and never felt so confident about getting surgeries until I went to his clinic. I did rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with him and I LOVE the results. Nobody thinks I did plastic surgeries. The results are very natural. He listed to me about how I felt about my... read more

Melissa Alfaro Avatar
Melissa Alfaro

After breastfeeding two children I was an A cup and wanted to be a C so I had a consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits at Bodyworx Aesthetics Clinic in Abu Dhabi. He made me feel completely at ease, answered all my questions and was extremely professional. The surgery went very smoothly and I am now 4 weeks post-op and already... read more

Kmokat Avatar

I am 47 years old, single mother with three children. I am one week post op with 310 cc (both breasts) saline implants . Prior to this I was barely a 34 B cup . After a surgery to remove a benign cyst left one breast smaller and a little bit more concave than the other, as well as a... read more

Tlamorte Avatar

5 star ratingI did a lot of research before I chose my breast augmentation doctor.  I finally settled on Dr. Lefkovits because I felt he had the best experience.  The implants were done below the muscle so the results are very natural.

It's been 5 years now and I'm still as happy with the results as I was on day one.  I feel...
read more

Safy I. Avatar
Safy I.