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Hair Transplant at Park Plaza

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Team with over 30 years of experience in the hair restoration industry

At park plaza hair restoration center we perform: 

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Hair Transplant

33 year old, result of 2300 grafts to restore a stronger frontal region and provide a natural appearing fuller hairline. Results after 14 days. 

Hair Transplant

33 year old, result of 2300 grafts to restore a stronger frontal region and provide a natural appearing fuller hairline. Results after 14 days. 

Eyebrow Restoration

45 year old female, underwent eyebrow restoration, result of 450 single hair grafts in each eyebrow. Results after 1 month. 

Beard and Mustache Restoration

23 year old male, result after 1300 grafts on each side for beard and mustache restoration. Results after 3 months.

Hair Transplant

31 year old male, result of 2800 grafts for hair restoration procedure and great results. Results after 14 days. 

Hair Transplant

29 year old male, result of 2800 grafts to restore a stronger frontal region and provide a natural appearing fuller hairline. Results after 14 days. 

Hair Transplant Cost

The price of a hair transplant procedure in New York City will vary depending on many different factors. Some of them are:

  • The degree of thinning the patient has
  • The hair transplant technique used, FUT or FUE technique
  • The amount of hair that needs to be transplanted (grafts)

At Park Plaza Hair Restoration Center, the price is starting at  $5500. This price may differ due to the factors mentioned above. The best way to get a better estimate for your hair transplant cost, specifically tailored to your needs, is to call our office at (212) 750-9494 or fill out the form below and request free consultations with Dr. Lefkovits. Financing options are available and you can view our options by clicking here.

Hair Transplant Techniques used by Dr. Lefkovits

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is also known as the strip procedure. In this technique, a hair containing strip of skin from the back of the scalp is removed. The strip is then cut and prepared into individual units which are then transplanted into the areas of thinning or baldness. The donor site leaves a linear scar in the back of the scalp which is easily covered by surrounding hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this technique hair follicular grafts are individually extracted from the scalp donor site. They then undergo inspection and preparation under the microscope and are then ready to be transplanted into the balding area of the scalp. 

Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrows, as a facial feature, contribute significantly to its overall appearance and beauty. While there are temporary and conservative treatments for eyebrow accentuation, the only permanent treatment involves hair transplantation

Beard Hair Restoration

The treatment for beard and/or mustache restoration is the same as for hair restoration. It involves taking hair follicles for a donor site, usually the back or sides of the scalp, and transplanting them to the beard or mustache area.

Why Choose Dr. Lefkovits and Park Plaza

There are quite a few hair restoration centers in New York City, so why come to Park Plaza? There are many reasons to come to us.

Surgery performed under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeon

First, Dr. Lefkovits as Director is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and in Otolaryngology. He, therefore, has many years of surgical experience. Unlike Dermatologists or other types of medical professionals whose training may be limited in surgery, his many of surgical training as well as over 30 years of experience in a plastic surgery and hair restoration practice puts him at a whole different level. To him making an incision in the posterior scalp for strip grafting is a fairly simple procedure that usually leaves a very satisfactory scar. His many years of experience in aesthetic surgery provides him, and through him with his technical staff of creating a very natural result, especially with regard to the hairline.

Team of 30+ years of experience

The technical staff at Park Plaza is led by a head technician who has over 30 years’ experience in hair restoration including working for some of the most prestigious hair restoration centers in the country. She also has many years of experience in performing eyebrow and beard restoration, procedures which are not as commonly performed elsewhere.30

Personalized treatment

Finally, personalized attention is devoted to each patient from consult to surgery to continuous follow-up. We treat each individual as a whole person and not just another hair transplant. We make sure that healing is satisfactory and we are there to answer any questions throughout the healing period. In short, we care about our patients and take great pride in having them return for any subsequent stages as well as for patient referrals.

Contact us If you would like to learn more about hair transplant options tailored to your needs

We offer in-office and online free consultations at our location in NYC. Please feel free to call us at (212) 750-9494 or email at Or you can fill out the form below and reach our office.