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how to choose proper breast implant size

How To Choose Breast Implant Size?

One of the biggest concerns that women have when consulting for Breast Augmentation is deciding on the breast implant size. This is not an easy task and needs to be assessed by both the patient and the plastic surgeon. Most silicone implants are available in sizes from 100ml to 800ml and the most popular breast implant size range is 300 to 400 ml.

Patients often come with some pre-determined cup size without really appreciating how that translates Vis a Vis the patient. It is the job of the plastic surgeon to advise on the appropriate breast implant size. The first parameters to consider are height, weight and body frame. A 300 cc implant will have a different result in a small frame 5 foot patient as opposed to someone who is larger framed and is 5 foot seven. The patient’s particular vocation needs to be considered. For example, someone who is in fashion will most likely be considered for a larger breast implant size as opposed to one who is in the legal field. 

Next, to consider, of course, is the present breast size. To use the example again of a 300 cc volume, obviously the result will be different  in one who is an A cup versus a B cup.

Once these factors have been considered, the actual volume may now be determined. This can be achieved by using a measuring device supplied by the breast implant manufacturer which measures the base of the breast. A numeric table will then point to the particular volume that is suggested. Another method being used is putting a sizer into the bra and having the patient look into the mirror and decide on the breast implant size. Some plastic surgeons employ a computer imaging system.

Dr. George Lefkovits, one of the best plastic surgeon in NYC,  feels that the preferable method, certainly in his hands, is showing many before and after breast implant photos which show real results. This also allows the patient to visualize what an A cup patient may result in, given a certain volume versus one with a pre-op larger cup size. Patients should be shown a gamut of different breast types so they can better envision what a given breast implant size may look like with a given volume. At the end, the experience of the plastic surgeon will be most helpful in guiding the patient through this process. 

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