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At our center we are usually booked for surgery quite in advance. But we have come to appreciate as with the airlines that there are times when operating room time becomes available on a short term basis (usually 2-3 weeks in advance). This may be due to sudden postponement or cancellation of a procedure.

Like the airlines which want its seats to be filled, we want to make sure that our operating room time is filled.

Therefore we pass on savings to the patient if they can adjust to the suddenly available surgery time(s) within 2-3 weeks from the consultation.

For those who are flexible with time, Plastic Surgery standby is a great way to book surgery and save lots of money.

If you have any questions about our procedures or would like to schedule with our plastic surgeon, please contact our office at (212) 750-9494.

Dr. George Lefkovits offers the following procedures at our plastic surgery office in New York, New YorkBreast AugmentationBreast LiftButtock AugmentationFacial ProceduresBody Contouring, and Procedures for Men.

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