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Study Shows that Mothers and Daughters Age the Same Way

In research presented at last month’s American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) convention, doctors used computer scanning and 3-D modeling to compare the faces of mothers and daughters that were beginning to experience facial aging around the eyes. The results showed convincingly that patterns of facial aging were similar between mothers and daughters. The use of the computer software allowed an objective comparison between the two groups, instead of the subjective comparisons that had been used in other studies.

The surgeons compared ten pairs of mothers and daughters, with daughters as young as fifteen and mothers as old as 90. The greatest areas of similarity between mothers and daughters were around the tear ducts and in the lower eyelids. This is common and eyelid surgery among the most common plastic surgery requests for women. The hope is that an analysis of facial aging in mothers can help plan a preventative course of action so women will not come to look like their mothers.

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