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Breast Lift with Augmentation

Many patients often present to the plastic surgeon for breast enlargement but who also need a breast lift. These are usually women who have had 1 or more pregnancies and/or who have lost lots of weight. Thus, they have lost elasticity of the skin as well as loss of breast volume.

Inserting implants only will not lead to an aesthetic result. In these cases, the breasts will be enlarged but remain droopy; often at times the breasts may look even worse than the pre-op appearance.

There are different ways of breast lifting depending on the degree of drooping as well as the experience and practice of the plastic surgeon. In many cases the breast lift can be achieved by making an incision only around the areola. The resulting scar usually heals very well and is barely conspicuous.

In other cases, a lollypop type of incision is used which also leaves a vertical scar below the areola.
Finally, when there is very significant drooping, an inverted T scar is used which results in some more scarring. Ultimately, whatever lifting technique is used, the goal is to create breasts which are well formed, lifted and proportionate to the body.

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