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Before and after Breast Reduction surgery


Breast Reduction in NYC is a very popular procedure. It has 2 benefits. The first, usually being the most important, is a functional one. Patients with large heavy breasts usually have one or more complaints including: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, rashes underneath the breasts and compromise in daily athletic activities. Patients are also self-conscious of their large breasts. The second benefit is an aesthetic one. Women feel so much better in being able to fit into clothes and bathing suits and feel a sense of proportion.

Large breasts may present during adolescence or later in life. Breasts have sensory function as well being involved in nursing. Because of the above it is preferable not to operate on teenagers unless the breasts are really creating physical and psychological disturbance. Before operating on a teenager the procedure and its possible complications must be thoroughly reviewed with the patient and parents. It is also helpful to get a psychological evaluation to assess the maturity of the patient and their understanding of the procedure.

Breast Reduction surgery is preferably performed, when possible, after childbirth completion, so there is minimal effect on nursing, although there is retention of nursing in about 25% of the patients.

There are different techniques in performing the procedure. One method involves a lollypop scar. The other and more common technique especially in vary large breasts uses three incisions, one around the areola, the second a vertical incision from the areola to the breast fold and the third involving the breast fold. While the scars are usually satisfactory, they may lead to hypertrophic and/ or keloid which would require steroid injections and possible scar revision. Occasionally, they leave undesirable scars.

Most patients can return to non-strenuous works after 10-1 4 days. Limited exercise may begin after 3 weeks, but no use of the pectoralis muscles for at least 6 weeks. Of course, patients heal differently, and the patient’s plastic surgeon would best be able to advise post-op care and instructions.
A major benefit of Breast Reduction surgery is that in some cases the patient’s insurance may cover part or all of the procedure.

Overall, patients undergoing Breast Reduction are usually very happy patients.

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