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Do I need a breast lift or augmentation?

When you are considering breast surgery, two options that are typically available to you are a breast lift or augmentation. Both surgeries can address issues with breast volume, symmetry, shape, and even size. They are terrific procedures for women that are in overall good health. The type of surgery that you pick depends on a combination of your goals and your natural contours.

One of the first things to take into consideration is breast sagging. Many women experience breast sagging for a variety of reasons, which can range from pregnancy to rapid weight gain or loss. Sometimes implants can correct sagging by adding more volume. If there is more than just mild sagging, a breast lift is an ideal consideration. If women are considering implants and there is more than moderate sagging, then it may be a good idea to perform a breast lift at the same time. There are different techniques for breast lifts with varying degrees of scarring:

  • Anchor lift (around the areola with incisions in an anchor shape)
  • Around the areola with a short horizontal line
  • Lollipop lift (around the areola with a vertical incision)

For women with smaller breasts, a breast lift may not be enough to address sagging, and implants may need to be used. In addition, if volume is a concern of yours, then breast augmentation may be the way to go. Breast augmentation can often make droopy or saggy breasts appear perkier and restore the shape of your chest.

We can meet with you to assess the amount of breast tissue that you have to see what type of surgery would work best for your goals. Some women that want breast implants find that combining the procedure with a lift can enhance their contours, while some others find it necessary to get implants with their breast lift due to the structure of their breast tissue.

Talk with us about your breast surgery goals
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