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Rhinoplasty ''Nose job''


Rhinoplasty, or as commonly referred to as a “Nose Job”, is one of the oldest procedures in plastic surgery. It was used in India over 2500 years ago as a means of reconstruction for amputated nosed which were a form of punishment for theft or adultery. Today it is highly sought after, especially in the younger age group. The procedure is especially popular during winter recess for high school and college students. Occupying the center of the face, the nose commands lots of attention. There are many factors which contribute to “imperfect” or undesirable features which include ethnic differences, trauma, congenital causes and previous surgery.

The nose includes four areas of concern:

Dorsum or profile height is the most common cause for concern. It often has a “bump” or appears to be too strong (often found in Middle Eastern ethnic groups). But the height can also be too low or weak as in Asians or sometimes in African-Americans.

Nasal Tip is commonly involved whereby it may be too round, poorly defined, asymmetrical or has poor support.

Nasal Width is .very often too wide and needs to be narrowed, although occasionally it is too narrow and may contribute to breathing difficulty.

Nasal Obstruction is often a complaint with or without an aesthetic involvement. The obstruction may be due to a Deviated Septum, poor nasal valve support, enlargement of internal bony structures called Turbinates, or allergies.

Many nasal surgeries are of an aesthetic nature and are, therefore, not covered by insurance. But if there is a history of trauma and/or obstruction there may be insurance coverage.

The Surgical repair may be performed using a Closed or Open Technique.

The Closed Technique is performed entirely through the inside of the nose. Advantages include the absence of any outside scars as well as probable less swelling. The main disadvantage is that it requires lots of experience using this technique because exposure is more limited. There may also be more post-operative swelling.

The Open Technique is a newer development for nasal surgery which involves an outside incision.  It allows for maximal exposure of the various structures of the nose and thereby be a bit less challenging. But regardless, Rhinoplasty is considered a difficult procedure to master.

Regardless of the technique used which is usually based on the surgeon’s training and preference, the aim of Rhinoplasty is to create a “natural” looking nose along with a good nasal airway.

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