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Our plastic surgeon can renew your skin with injectable fillers like JUVÉDERM® and RADIESSE®. These fillers can smooth your skin, adding a soft suppleness to the features. Dr. George Lefkovits works with patients to provide these dermal fillers in New York, New York. With years of experience, Dr. Lefkovits can identify which fillers would be best suited for your unique needs. If you are interested in enhancing your beauty, schedule an appointment with Park Plaza Plastic Surgery at (212) 750-9494.



JUVÉDERM is an injectable filler that we use to correct wrinkles, hollows and facial folds. As we age, our body often loses fat in some facial areas, such as under the eyes, in the cheeks and in the lips, contributing to the appearance of age. Facial fillers can replace this volume and smooth out wrinkles caused by folding of the skin.

JUVÉDERM is derived from hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally found in the skin, eyes, spinal fluid, joints and elsewhere in the body. It is formulated as a smooth gel to minimize discomfort upon injection and give better results more quickly than other hyaluronic-acid-based fillers. JUVÉDERM is ideal for:

  • Correcting smile lines (also known as nasolabial folds or parentheses lines)
  • Filling hollows under the eyes
  • Filling hollow cheeks
  • Lip augmentation

JUVÉDERM corrects different wrinkles than BOTOX® injections. Whereas BOTOX works by paralyzing muscles, JUVÉDERM works by filling in lost volume, making the two treatments ideal complements in facial rejuvenation.

Advantages of JUVÉDERM

  • JUVÉDERM is a non-surgical procedure
  • JUVÉDERM injections are an in-office procedure and can even be performed during lunch breaks
  • JUVÉDERM is usually injected with a local anesthetic after which it is painless
  • JUVÉDERM corrects wrinkles that BOTOX® cannot

The JUVÉDERM Procedure

JUVÉDERM injections are performed in Dr. Lefkovits’s office using a fine needle. No anesthesia is required, but a local block anesthesic is usually used so as to eliminate any pain or discomfort. The procedure is very quick, requiring only a few minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated and the amount of filler being used.

JUVÉDERM Post-Procedure Course

After JUVÉDERM injections, you can normally return to work. You should not massage the treated areas, spend a prolonged period in the sun or expose your face to high heat during the first day or two after treatment.

You can expect some minor swelling and slight discomfort in the treated areas that may last a day or two, although this is less common with JUVÉDERM than with other injectable fillers. Swelling can be treated with icepacks.

There are few risks associated with JUVÉDERM injections. In rare cases, people have allergic reactions to one or more ingredients of JUVÉDERM, and some people experience more swelling and discomfort than others.


Injectable Fillers Results

Treatment with JUVÉDERM can significantly decrease the appearance of wrinkles, facial folds and facial hollows. In some cases, these effects of aging may be virtually erased.

The results of JUVÉDERM last for 6 to 10 months, depending on the areas treated.

If you would like to learn about facial rejuvenation using JUVÉDERM injections, schedule a facial filler consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits today.


RADIESSE is an advanced facial filler designed to give long-lasting correction of facial folds, wrinkles and other facial signs of aging. New York, New York, plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits uses RADIESSE to help men and women maintain a more youthful appearance for longer. Because it is a substantive filler, RADIESSE can also be used instead of or prior to facial implants for chin augmentation and cheek augmentation that can recontour the face and greatly improve a person’s overall appearance.

RADIESSE is what might be called a “composite injectable” because it has two main components: a smooth carrier gel and tiny spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CHA). The carrier gel is mostly made of a common food thickener, and CHA has long been used as a bone filler. While the carrier gel is quickly absorbed by the body, the CHA spheres are resistant to absorption, which gives RADIESSE its long-term results. Once the carrier gel is absorbed, the body fills around the microspheres with collagen. Eventually, the spheres are absorbed as well, and after a year or so, the results of RADIESSE fade.

RADIESSE can be used to correct:

  • Facial hollows
  • Facial folds including nasolabial folds (also known as smile lines or parentheses)
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Weak chin
  • Low cheekbones

Unlike BOTOX® injections, which work by paralyzing muscles, RADIESSE works by filling in areas where fat has decreased or been displaced as a result of aging. The two treatments can be used together to perform full facial rejuvenation.


Advantages of RADIESSE Injectable Fillers

  • RADIESSE injections are non-surgical
  • RADIESSE injections are long-lasting, approximately one year
  • RADIESSE injections usually require some local anesthetic
  • RADIESSE injections are reversible
  • Results from RADIESSE injections are long-lasting
  • RADIESSE injections correct wrinkles that BOTOX injections cannot

RADIESSE Injectable Fillers Procedure

RADIESSE injections are performed in Dr. Lefkovits’s office. The injections require only a few minutes, depending on the areas being treated and the amount of filler necessary. Usually, a local block anesthetic is used to eliminate any pain or discomfort.


RADIESSE Post-Procedure Course

You can return to work and most activities immediately following your RADIESSE injections. Avoid extensive heat or sun exposure and massaging the treated area for the day following injection.

Because RADIESSE is thicker than JUVÉDERM®, many people experience slightly greater discomfort and post-procedure swelling following RADIESSE injections. The swelling will decrease quickly and probably last only a few days. Risks of RADIESSE injections are very slight, although some people report allergic reactions and some lasting swelling or discomfort.


Following injection, treated facial folds, wrinkles and hollows will be greatly decreased. With RADIESSE, the results are visible immediately after swelling from the injections goes down. These results should be long-lasting. In clinical studies, about 80% of people saw continued results one year after treatment.

If you would like to learn more about how to get long-lasting wrinkle correction or facial recontouring with this advanced injectable fillers, schedule a RADIESSE consultation with Dr. Lefkovits today.